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Self to Lose – Self to Find: A Biblical Approach to the 9 Enneagram Types examines the invitation of Jesus to lose yourself in order to find your true self, and presents the personality system known as the Enneagram within a Biblical framework.

“This is a rare find! Marilyn Vancil weaves three threads — the biblical story, the Enneagram wisdom, and real-life experiences ­­­­­­— into this compelling and essential resource for those who long for a more free and fruitful life. This grounded, hands-on offering is a rare gift indeed!”

John Kiemele, PhD
Founder and Executive Director of Selah Center

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Self to Lose – Self to Find features:

  • a scriptural foundation for how the Enneagram personality tool can lead to greater freedom in one’s spiritual, emotional, and relational life,
  • an easy-to-follow description of the system and the nine personality types,
  • a practical reflection guide called OWN-UP,
  • and The Essential Enneagram Test for determining one’s type.

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