Workshops & Retreats

Set apart a few hours, a whole day, or an entire weekend to discover more about God, yourself and others, and how your Enneagram style affects all areas of your life. In many cases, I create my interactive workshops and retreats around the needs and knowledge of the individuals or groups attending. I would love to present one for your community. During this season of Covid-19, all workshops can be experienced through an online platform.

The "Now I Get Me!" workshop is designed for individuals to better understand themselves and how their Enneagram pattern both reflects God's image and also keeps them from expressing and experiencing it more freely and fully.

"Marilyn really knows the Enneagram. And she knows how to bring it alive to others. Her voice is practical and organized, creative and humorous, and her workshop evoked many 'Ahas' for me. Her personal approach is steeped in Christian wisdom and grace."     S.A., Gig Harbor, WA

The "Now I Get You!" workshop is for couples, families, ministry teams, and other groups who want to gain a deeper understanding and connection with each other. "Lights go on" as people recognize how they view life through very different lenses and that their particular Enneagram style both enhances and creates challenges in their relationships.

“Several years ago Marilyn facilitated an engaging workshop at our annual couples' retreat, and we still talk about it. As she unpacked the Enneagram for us, 'aha moments' resounded as we considered its application and implications for ourselves and our marriages. It allowed us to better understand and love ourselves, and appreciate and love each other more."   J.S., Colorado Springs

The "OWN-UP Retreat" is for a whole day or a whole weekend. OWN-UP is a reflective practice I developed to help people pause and pay attention to how their Enneagram pattern operates in their everyday circumstances. Participants will engage with this self-awareness practice, both in times of personal reflection and interactive conversations.

Contact me to discuss how we can work together to offer a workshop or retreat for you and your community.