Holy Aha Moments Await!

Experience new clarity and fresh insights about yourself and your life with God.

Expect "lights to turn on" as you read the revised edition of Self to Lose, Self to Find: Using the Enneagram to Uncover Your True, God-Gifted Self.  To further enhance your discoveries, I offer the sacred work of spiritual direction and coaching.

"Marilyn invites us to consider what's underneath our own false narratives in hopes of finding our redeemed storyline through the Grander Narrative of the Gospel. By gently directing us to find movement in our life through self-discovery and naming our lens, we then remember who we were made to be in God's image."

Meredith McDaniel, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor and Author of In Want + Plenty


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"Marilyn has given us a great gift in offering an accessible, Biblically grounded work that introduces concerned and hopeful Christians to the gift of the Enneagram...I am grateful to have this elegant and carefully-crafted work to offer as we all press in to deeper levels of transformation—for the glory of God, for the freedom and abundance of our own lives and for the sake of others who have to live with us!"                        From the Foreword by Ruth Haley Barton

"Marilyn's book is hands-down my favorite book on the Enneagram. Why? Because it is Jesus-centered to the core. While many seek to focus on the individual, Marilyn invites you to understand the self Jesus is inviting you to leave behind so you can follow Him. The best way to describe this book is beautiful!"

Daniel Fusco, Pastor at Crossroads Church and Author of "Inward, Outward, and Upward"


Working Together with Marilyn

Workshops & Retreats

Discover more about God, yourself and others, and how your Enneagram style affects all areas of your life.

Spiritual Direction

Support a deeper intimacy with God and to consider the very ordinary experiences of life in light of God’s Love and Presence.


Explore your desired outcomes, the barriers to realizing them, and possible action steps to fulfill them.


Available to Download:
A Reflection Guide for the original edition of Self to Lose, Self to Find

This Reflection Guide will deepen your understanding of the content in the first edition of Self to Lose – Self to Find: A Biblical Approach to the 9 Enneagram Types. This Guide is designed to facilitate movement from merely gaining information toward experiencing “holy aha moments” that lead to personal transformation and spiritual renewal. It can be used for individual reflection or in a group study.

“Our Bible study group used the Reflection Guide to more easily maneuver through Marilyn’s book. It helped us focus on the key points and then the book came alive. We all had our own copy and went through the questions alone before coming to the group. Our discussions were very rich and thought-provoking.”


A Reflection Guide for Self to Lose - Self to Find