Enneagram Coaching for Ministry Teams

You have a mission statement and a compelling vision, you work with a team of capable people, and you want to move forward into all that God will do through your ministry. But, internal misunderstandings and differing work styles keep cropping up and slowing down progress. Sound familiar?

Harmonious relationships and enjoyable work environments are crucial to the advancement of a shared mission. One key factor is how well the team members know and understand each other. From my training times with leadership teams of churches and non-profits on the Enneagram, people have come to appreciate the unique contributions and the underlying motivations of each person. Just learning about the three expressions of energy - assertive, dutiful, and held back - has led to "holy aha" realizations that not everyone works in the same way and at the same pace. The numerous groups I've worked with have commented that my Enneagram coaching has helped them work together more effectively in ways other trainings have not.

"An invaluable Christian perspective on the Enneagram! I hosted a two-day workshop with Marilyn and the information was well received and provided insightful team building. It left each individual with residual value of a better understanding of themselves, and appreciation for each other's uniqueness."

Marty McCarty, VP Young Life Military Ministries

I offer several structures to customize my coaching to the needs and desires of each group. These range from a two-hour online presentation with no follow-up to a comprehensive package spread over several weeks. The longer program includes an Enneagram presentation, individual coaching sessions with each team member, and a wrap-up session together. In between these two options are other possibilities. In this time of Covid-19, all the packages can be done through an online platform.

Contact me to discuss the unique possibilities for your team. I'd love to work together to further God's work through your ministry!